AGILE is a full-service expert PROFESSINAL Contract Research Organization (CRO) with operations in USA,UK,INDIA AND DUBAI, which provides the CRO, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, NUTRA,AYURVEDIC and Medical Device Industry with a range of services related to the clinical development of healthcare products.

We endeavor to satisfy our clients & partners requirements and expectations by working closely with them to facilitate the efficient management of their projects and the success is traduced to establish long strong relationships with our business partnerships.

AGILE Management Team has vast experience in Clinical Research gained from both Pharmaceuticals and CROs world wide companies. We have a successful track record of managing several projects in different phases and therapeutic areas.

AGILE board of directors is commitment to provide highest quality standards of Clinical Research in USA,UK,INDIA AND DUBAI by developing a Quality Management System inspired on Global Standards.

Our compromise is to continue developingUSA,UK,INDIA AND DUBAI countries to make our territory the preferred choice for Clinical trials developments by providing high quality deliverables.

Site Start-up :

Reduce Bottlenecks in Site Start-up

  • Offer sponsors accelerated study start-up capabilities by activating sites remotely and equipping sites with digital workflows that integrate with their existing workflows.


  • Digitize and integrate every document workflow from first-patient-in to last-patient-out, reducing site burden by up to 40% and giving your sponsor partners controlled visibility into site operations and milestone tracking.


Signed. Sealed. Submitted.

  • Provide sponsors accelerated closeout timelines with improved TMF submission quality, compliance, and completeness.
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Agile-endorsed programs consistently assure young graduates of comprehensive practical training in the field of clinical research. We are dedicated to fostering a robust clinical skillset, providing prompt knowledge transfer, and advancing software skills relevant to clinical research.

  • Empowering Your Educational Journey in Clinical Research.
  • Expertise and Professional Guidance.
  • Expertise and Professional Guidance.
  • Seamless SMO Solutions for Comprehensive Online Presence.

Agile Project Manager’s role in a clinical trial- Agiel PM brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table :

  • strong attention to detail and organization.
  • Ensuring every aspect of the trial is meticulously planned and executed.
  • Ability to track multiple deadlines and budgets : Keeping the trial on track financially and temporally.
  • Team leadership and collaboration abilities : Unifying diverse teams towards a common goal.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities: Bridging the gap between sponsors, teams, and other stakeholders. Problem-solving and decision-making skills : Navigating challenges that arise during the trial.
  • Adaptability : Meeting the diverse needs and personalities of team members.
  • Comfort in challenging situations : Handling difficult internal and client conversations with tact and professionalism.
  • Our PM and QA take care of : Supporting bidding and defense conversations to win the clinical trial.

Informing on bid strategies, including sites, patient enrollment, and overarching strategies. Helping finalization of scope conversations, leading to clinical trial contract.Responsibilities during study start-up; Responsibilities during the trial; Trial close-out responsibilities; Ensuring client satisfaction in communication and documentation. Agile Clinical Project Managers are indispensable in balancing the health of a clinical study and ensuring its success. Their expertise, dedication, and meticulous approach ensure that drugs are brought to market efficiently, benefiting the industry as a whole and, most importantly, the patients awaiting new treatments.